Muja outside of Collie part of Australia's nuclear future

Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson MP today met with the Shire of Collie president and councillors to discuss Coalition plans to build a small modular nuclear reactor 22 kilometres east of the town of Collie.

“Nuclear offers a transition for the Collie economy from coal to an emissions-free energy future,” Mr Wilson said.

“It’s very early days yet, but I was heartened by the Shire’s commitment to keep an open mind on the Federal Coalition’s plans to examine Muja as one of seven possible nuclear power plants to be built nationally over coming decades.

“The shire councillors and President Ian Miffling asked some excellent questions today, and as their federal member I made a firm commitment to consult closely with them and all Collie people in the coming weeks, months and years as the Coalition moves Australia to an economically and environmentally sustainable energy future.”

Mr Wilson discusses the Coalition's plan with Collie council members and officers

The Coalition believes Australia must have a balanced energy mix to deliver cheaper, cleaner and consistent 24/7 electricity.

But under Labor this isn’t happening.

Right now, in households and businesses around Australia, Labor’s expensive renewables-only approach is failing.

Mr Wilson said that a future Federal Coalition Government would introduce zero-emissions nuclear energy in Australia - which has been proven to get electricity prices and emissions down all over the world - to work in partnership with renewable energy and gas as part of a balanced energy mix.

The Muja coal power plant site, outside of Collie, has been nominated as one of seven locations nationally where the Federal Coalition is proposing to build a zero-emissions nuclear plant.

Under this plan, Collie would benefit from high paying, multi-generational jobs, and be empowered to maximise the benefits of hosting an asset of national importance by way of:

  • a multi-billion-dollar facility guaranteeing high-paying jobs for generations to come;
  • an integrated economic development zone to attract manufacturing, value-added and high-tech industry; and
  • a regional deal unlocking investment in modern infrastructure, services and community priorities.

Mr Wilson said that locating a zero-emissions nuclear plant at Muja would draw on the existing skills and power generation experience of Collie’s energy workforce.

“It would also mean much of the new spending needed for a renewables-only system – including building new transmission poles and wires – can be avoided,” he said.

“Ninety per cent of baseload electricity, predominantly coal-fired generation, is coming to the end of life over the next decade.

“Australia needs another source of 24/7 baseload power to replace coal. Labor’s wind and solar plan just isn’t working. Australia needs nuclear.”

Mr Wilson said that in coming weeks the Coalition would have more to say about its plan. A new website,, has more details.

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